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Current eligible participants?
Males and Females ages 5-15 years old

What level of players are After School Clinics geared towards?
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance Players.

How many months are After School Clinics

September -  June

What is the time frame for the After School Clinic?
After School Clinics take place for 60 to 120 minutes per class. 

What seasons do the After School Clinics take place?
Fall, Winter, Spring Seasons



Current eligible participants?
Males and Females ages 5-16 years old

What level of players are Weekend Clinics geared towards?
 Beginners and Intermediate players who have minimal full court or playing experience.

What Seasons does the program take place?
Clinics take place in the Fall, Winter, and Spring Seasons. 

What is the time frame for the clinic?
Clinics take place for 120  minutes.



Current eligible participants
Males and Females ages 6-16 years old

What level of competition are the Holiday camps geared towards?
Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance level Players.

When do they take place?
Holiday Camps are held during the calendar school year.

Are medical forms needed?
Yes, updated physical form(s) are needed prior to start of camp.

Where are the Holiday Camps held?
Holiday Camps take place in Manhattan.​

What time are the camps held ?
9AM-4PM with early drop off/late pick up available

 Is there medical personnel onsite?
Yes, there is a certified athletic trainer onsite during camp hours.


Current eligible participants?
   Males and Females ages 8-16 years old

When are the games played?
Games are currently played on the weekends Saturdays or Sundays?

What times are the games played?
Games are played from 2pm-5pm

How long are the games?
Games usually take one hour to play.

When is the schedule available?
First week schedule is available several days prior to the first game.

Where are the games played?
Please check facility location for your game..

 Are spectators allowed to come watch the games?
Spectators are allowed to view games only after providing security proper identification.

What level of competition is the league?
League is for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance level players.

Can I sign up my team to play in the league?
Youth League is designated for individual participation sign up.

When are uniforms handed out?
Uniforms are given out on the first game day. Additional uniform can be purchased for $20.00.


Current eligible participants
   Males and Females ages 6-16 years old
Where are the Summer camps held?
   Camps are currently held in Manhattan . Sites are carefully selected facilities to provide a safe and secure environment for our campers.

When do the Summer camps run?
Camps run during the summer months from June through late August.

How long are the camps?
    Camps run each week Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm unless otherwise specified.

What camps are offered?
  Camps offered. ​NBA Camp, Shooting CampCore Skills CampTriple Threat Camp.

How are the campers grouped?
   Campers are grouped by age and level/experience. Campers are carefully grouped into what director and staff feel is the “best fit” group to ensure a safe and productive environment for all campers.

Can I request a friend be in my campers group?
   Yes. Friend and/or teammate requests can be submitted and can usually be accommodated.

Who are the program directors and staff?
Camps have an on-site director who is a qualified and experienced adult who oversees all aspects of the day-to-day running of the camp program. There is an additional assistant director as well with younger staff being college-aged student athletes with basketball experience.

What is the ratio of campers to staff?
 Ratios can vary slightly depending on the camp but is typically 10:1
Is there a registration fee due with the application?
 Full payment is due at time of registration according to the number of weeks registered and early and late pick up plan.. 

What type of payments are accepted?
All major credit cards are accepted online. 

How do I register?
   Applications can be completed online on our website. An application is needed for each participating camper..
After you have completed the registration process you will receive a registration confirmation immediately. If you do not receive confirmation within this time frame, please contact: Without this confirmation, enrollment is not guaranteed.

How many weeks do I have to register for?
   Camps offer flexible weekly schedules so you can register for any number of weeks based on your summer plans and schedule. The minimum is one week and the maximum is the entire summer.

What is the recommended number of weeks my child should participate in camp?
Minimum of 3 weeks to see basketball improvements.

Do I have to register for the same program?
   No. Camps offer flexible schedules so you can tailor your registration based upon the interests of your camper(s)

What forms are required for registration?
After your registration is processed, camper’s health form is required before camper(s) attends the camp. Health formed can be downloaded from our website or you can submit your own and email to

How does a camp day run? 
Camps typically follow a daily schedule with individual skills and fundamental techniques focused upon during the morning, and then progressions to scrimmage games and match conditions in the afternoons.

Do you offer early drop off and/ or late pick up?
Yes we do. 8 am early drop off and 5 pm or 5:30 pm pick up. There is an additional $60.00 per week fee for 5pm pick up. There is a $90per week fee for 5:30pm pick up. 

When is regular drop-off and pick-up?
   Regular drop-off for camp is 8:45am-9:00am.
Regular pick-up for camp is between 3:45pm-4:00pm.

Is transportation available?
    To inquire about transportation services, email 

What is the lunch program?
   Lunch is not provided; campers should bring a bag lunch and beverage that does not require refrigeration or heating. We recognize that peanut allergies represent a health and safety hazard, which can have serious consequences for those who have such an allergy. In order to protect these campers and staff from an environment that may be harmful to them because of such an allergy, all nuts and peanuts, including products that use or contain nuts and peanuts or use peanut oils, are prohibited from entering school grounds.

What do I bring to camp?
   Only bring basketball essentials. Examples would be basketball sneakers, shorts, extra t-shirt.  
Breakaway Hoops is not responsible for any lost valuables.

Can I switch camps in the Summer?
Depending upon camps availability there may be an option to switch camps in the summer. Please email us at for availability.

Can I add weeks in the Summer?
Yes you can add weeks in the summer but please be aware certain camps may be sold out or unavailable so register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Cost of the camp will depend on time of registration.

Do you accept HRA?
Not at the moment.

Do you offer Scholarships?
Yes. The Michael Alicea Summer Camp Scholarship. Campers must attend camp for a minimum of 3 weeks (Monday-Friday) to be
eligible for the scholarship. Scholarships are limited on a first come, first served basis. Scholarship deadline is April 30,2019

Do you offer sibling discount?
Yes, 10% off for the second child. Both campers must register for the same weeks and a minimum of 3 weeks. Email us ( and we will provide you with the discount code for the registration for the second child.. 

Can I visit the camp site before the Summer?   
Yes. We will have Open Houses prior to start of camps. To respect everyone's valuable time, there is a non-refundable $25.00 attendance fee to attend the Open Houses. Majority of all camp questions can be answered online. Please register via our website for an Open House date. Confirmation  will be emailed once payment is completed.

How do I contact the camp office?
  Office number 646.776.2021, Ext 0 or email

When is the medical form due?
All medical forms are due on before May 20, 2020. Medical forms are only accepted and uploaded electronically via our website under FORMS.  Medical forms should be approved by a licensed physician. You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt. 

Is there medical personnel onsite?
Yes There is an onsite certified athletic trainer during camp hours.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Breakaway Hoops and support youth in your area.